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safety policies

Safety Policies

Posh Pets Houston to the rescue!


We’re all about saving you a headache. Our super-safe policies and fast-acting services will defeat your pet-related stresses. We anticipate all necessary safety measures ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about them. (It's one of the perks of having more than 10 years experience in pet care!) 


We're just your friendly neighborhood Pet Pal, and we want only the best for you and your fur family. Ready to learn more?

Read about our safety guidelines below!
Accessing Your HomeThe big question: how do our Posh Pet Houston's dog walkers and pet sitters enter your home? There are a couple of options which we can explain during your meet & greet, but our clients usually put a key on file with us or give us access to a door or garage code.  Each of our client's keys will be coded by numbers and letters in a secured, encrypted database system. We will NEVER put your name, address, phone number, pet name, or any other identifying information on your secure key.

If you live in an apartment, we'll work with you to create a seamless process for accessing your home and caring for your fur-babies.

Who Will Have Access?DOG WALKING: You'll be added first to our Experience Directors' routes so they can evaluate your pup, help you understand our rules and policies, and show you what you can expect from each one of our expert Pet Pals. Once your pup's routine is a well oiled machine and we've worked on any pulling or walk concerns, we will assign a primary walker to your fur-family! If they're ever not available, the Experience Directors or another team member will pop in, but we'll be sure to let you know.

PET SITTING: Pet sitting clients will be assigned to a Pet Pal based on the type of pets you have and their specific needs. For example, if your kitty cat needs to be given subcutaneous fluids as part of an intensive recovery regimine, we have team members trained for that! We also have small animal experts with extensive knowledge in guinea pigs, bunnies, and other caged pets, and we even have a couple of farm experts on the roster! We'll find your perfect match and introduce you to your new favorite pet sitting service. In cases of emergency, our Experience Directors or management team will step in to cover your visits.

OTHER: Other services like Pet Taxi service and waste removal aren't assigned to a specific person and may be completed by anyone. If the add-on service will be performed during your regular service then your primary walker will likely perform the service.

Employee Hiring & TrainingHonesty and integrity are two of the top characteristics we search for in our hiring practices.  All our employees at Posh Pets Houston are subject to a background check which follows the same procedures as a military security clearance. go through rigorous training, including more than 20 hours of pet first aid and safety education.  Then, they shadow and train under one of the Experience Directors before being released for a two-week trial period where they are closely supervised before taking their final Pet Pal certification and being promoted to a full-fledged Pet Pal!

Detailed Visit Reports (Including GPS Tracking)We track all the details of our dog walking and pet sitting visit for our final visit report in our mobile app's chat. If you have any questions, you can ask away and view our GPS route after each visit when you sign up for any our services.

Emergency CareOur team is intensively trained in animal health and can recognize the most common medical issues for pets without a trip to the vet. When you create your account, we'll ask for your primary care provider for your fur family.  If for any reason we determine an urgent health issue with your pet, we always try to take your pet to your vet, but may choose a closer emergency facility if deemed necessary. Once we know your pet is safe, we will notify you or your personal emergency contact on your client profile on our app. Think of us as your pet's other parent who has the best intentions. We want YOU and your fur baby to feel safe with our extra pairs of eyes.

Monitoring (Home Security Cameras)Each team member gives signed consent to be monitored by any home security camera or company camera during our pet visits for dog walking, pet sitting, or any other service we provide. They are trained to follow your routine protocol exactly and our safety procedures, and that includes how we navigate your home. Please specify your home rules during your Meet & Greet and in the account portal app when you sign up.

So feel free to monitor us, and let us know the adorable things you catch our Pet Pals doing during the visits. We've seen team members dancing with puppies, singing to cats, and so many other adorable things. You can even request pet cameras for a rental fee when you schedule your pet visit!

Ready for us to protect your home and pets with our expert safety policies?

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