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Our Pet Service Benefits!

You value your pet as a family member. We do too! That's why our service benefits are designed to be convenient, fun, and utmost rewarding. You can expect to receive visit report cards after each visit, pet visit photos and "yearbook" photos, GPS tracking, exclusive pet events, and a buy-in VIP membership to make your pet parent lifestyle easier! We care so much about our pet parent community, which is why we made these amazing benefits.  We want to make sure that you and your pet have a positive experience, from the minute your booking with us to when you are receiving photos from your dog walker or pet sitter. Come join our pack! 

Visit "Report Cards" & Photo Album "Yearbooks" 📸

Our visit report cards and photo albums are what really set us apart from other pet care services in Houston!


We know our clients want to see how their pets have been behaving while they're away. At the end of each visit, we send a detailed report card via our handy dandy mobile phone app and web portal. This info includes your dog's social interactions, your cat's energy levels, appetite, and even potty information! Each report card also includes some fun evaluations if your pet has been naughty or nice! We share your pet photos on the app and our social media spotlight! We will also be building a fully personalized yearbook to you at the end of your year with us (now that puuurfect).

GPS Tracking of Your Pet Visit! 📍

WOW! I can't believe how far your Fur Baby has traveled on our walk today!


We found a great way to give you extra security and peace of mind when you head to work on those busy mornings. Leave your house with one less thing on your mind. See the GPS map route for where we traveled to during our visit through our pet report! We have such an amazing app and portal for you to keep track of your pet sitter’s activity too! See how far we traveled on any dog walk or potty break just click the top right side of their visit report, to see their entire journey!

"Field Day Events" for our pet community! 🏁

Our pet community is everything to us, and we want to bring you fun, free outdoor events! Every year, we get together for frisbee toss, ball throw, and obstacle courses. We would love to have your pet play with us, or just be in the sidelines and socialize with the other dogs and fur parents. We look forward to building a pet community where fur parents can mingle too, so be on the lookout for those events as well!


We can't wait to meet you and your pet and have some fun at one of our free events in your area! All abilities are welcome. The furrier the better. We also plan to make events for just for our humans to mix and mingle! 💬

"Teacher's Pet" VIP Rewards Club! 🐕

We know there are no better pets than yours, and you deserve special treatment too! That’s why we created our Teacher's Pet VIP Rewards Club! VIP enrollments include special features such as last-minute scheduling, waived cancellation fees, garaunteed vacation and overnight pet sitting, a deluxe pet birthday gift, and more! As a VIP member, your pet may even be deemed as the "Teacher's Pet" amongst our all our clients!


Now you can enjoy your time away, knowing your pet is safe, happy and well-cared for by a qualified, pet professional. Our philosophy, we are your pet pals for life!

We are super flexible with our customers! If you have any concerns, read our FAQ page here or let us know during your Meet & Greet after you sign up.


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