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You've got a lot on the agenda, so we've got a guide to help you and your furry best friend navigate all the essentials for your first pet visit! We have all the answers to help a fellow pet parent learn about our offerings and services. From getting started to making payments, get all the step-by-step information. Now, see our categories below or browse through our frequently asked questions on our FAQ page to start!

  • Getting Started
  • Our Pet Services
  • Scheduling Process
  • Last Minute/Cancellation Policies
  • Payment Policies
  • Referral Program

Getting Started

How to sign up for an account?To get started, click on “new client sign-up” button on the top right corner of the website. This will lead you to input your information and receive an activation email. Once you receive it, you will gain a temporary password and an invitation for a “Meet & Greet” (consultation appointment) with us to get to know each other!

What is a Meet & Greet? Why is it important?A “Meet & Greet” is our way of getting to know your pet care routine for dog walking and pet sitting. Verifying your information is crucial for us, and we want to answer all your burning questions. This meeting also lets you get to know us! We have a lot of pride in what we do and a lot of joy to share with you all as Houston dog walkers and pet sitters. Visit our Posh Pets about page to learn more before we meet!

Why is my account inactive?Once there’s been a few weeks of inactivity (not requesting a Meet & Greet appointment or pet visit), our system deactivates the user’s inactive account to ensure that our clients have reviewed and agreed to our policies that may change at any given time. Recreating the account will let the user re-read our business policies after creating the account again.

Can I schedule a meet & greet before I create an account?The way we give our invitation to a Meet & Greet is through the account activation email. Once you create your account, we can schedule a Meet & Greet before you update anything on your account profile (if you have any technological problems or issues).

Do I have to meet Posh Pets in person before my first service?You do not need to meet in-person for a Meet & Greet! We do virtual (online) calls, phone calls, and in-person meetings if we need to. Having a short meeting allows us to verify that all your pet care routine is correct before we actually provide our service. 

Are you dog walkers and pet sitters insured/bonded?Absolutely and 100% yes. We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

What’s the best way to get in touch?If you are new to our services, the best way to get in touch is to create a new client account and schedule your Meet & Greet appointment at the activation email. Otherwise, you can email us at office@poshpetshouston.com or call us at (832) 617-2554.

Our Pet Services

Do you walk dogs individually or in a group?At this time, we are only offering individual walks.

Do you offer dog training?We do not offer dog training services at this time.

Do you offer puppy visits?Definitely, we LOVE doing puppy visits. Period.

Do you offer pet boarding?We do not offer pet boarding at this time.

Do you offer dog running?We do not offer specific dog running visits, but our dog walkers can surely give a sprint or two while walking your dogs!

Do you administer medication?All our pet specialists (dog walkers and pet sitters) are trained to administer medication and follow the routine that you provide. Just let us know all your routine when you create your account and share your profile information with us. This will be important to share during your Meet & Greet.

Can I request my walker to feed my pet?Your dog walker can certainly feed your pet, but it will cut into your walking time. Our walks are timed from when they enter your driveway to when they finish sending you your visit report from our app.

Do you offer GPS tracking?Yes! Each visit report for dog walking or pet sitting will have a GPS route when you click on “View Report” on the top right side of the app chat. Our dog walkers and pet sitters start their timer and their GPS tracking on their mobile app, and you will receive the visit report of photos, GPS routes, and a status update. Super simple!

Do you ever leave dogs unattended?Pets are never left unattended! We are too busy packing in all the love, cuddles, and attention for our pet visits while providing a detailed pet visit report that includes GPS routing and photos.

Do you care for cats or other animals?Of course! We have done animal visits for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even horses! We just need your exact pet care routine on your profile details when you create your account.

Scheduling Process

Why do use time windows for services?Posh Pets uses time windows for service booking requests and scheduling to allow for potential
emergencies or events out of our control which cause our travel times to fluctuate. The available time windows are as follows:

Early Morning (7:00am - 9:00am)
Morning (9:00am - 11:00am)
MidDay (11:00am - 1:00pm)

Once we receive your request, we will follow up with your requested time. You may also make a note of your preferred time and reasoning. However, it is not guaranteed to get your exact time.

Can I request a specific time for my walk?Yes! You can request a specific time, and we will do our best to accommodate it. However, you will need to make a note of it when you sign up for a “time window” on our client app portal. We will follow up if we can accommodate your specific time.

Can I book with the same dog walker or pet sitter each time?You will very likely receive the same dog walker or pet sitter based on your home area. If you specifically detail that you would like the same walker, we can accommodate and let you know about your backups in case your walker is unavailable or sick.

If they are unavailable, you will receive a profile of your backup walkers at the start of your services. Your backups are on standby to step in if your regular walker or sitter is not available!

Do we get to meet our pet care provider before the first visit?You may be able to meet your pet care provider during the Meet & Greet, but we will be detailing your pet care routine very closely during the meeting. We also send a picture and short bio of your dog walker or pet sitter on our team before the first visit. However, if you still would like to meet your pet specialist, we can seek to arrange it.

Do I need a regular schedule?You do not need to have a regular schedule! Life happens, and we move things around as needed for our clients (we consider you family). However, we would like to have any dog walking visits and pet sitting requests ahead of time on the client portal app. We try our best to accommodate last-minute visits. Confirmations for last-minute visits are guaranteed by receiving a confirmation email.

Can I book multiple walks per day?Yes! You can book multiple walks per day! Just let your pet pal know on our portal.

Last Minute/Cancellation Policies

Can you accommodate last minute requests?We do our best to do last minute requests, but final confirmation will be based on the follow-up confirmation email that you will receive. We expect visit requests through our app/portal (preferred).

What is your cancellation policy?For dog walking, we offer free cancellation (unless we show up to the visit for the unneeded visit). It will be a full charge if our dog walker or pet sitter arrives. 

For pet sitting, there is no charge for visits more than two weeks out.
$1 charge for anything within the next two weeks
$2 charge for cancellation within the same week

How far in advance do I need to book or cancel dog walking services?It is best to cancel at least the day before for dog walks and week(s) out before pet sitting. However, we understand that life events are always unexpected!

How do I know if my walk request/cancel was received?The only way to be sure that your visit was cancelled is by receiving the confirmation email. Request will show in the portal as well.

Payment Policies

How do I pay?You can view your invoices on the web portal or view “Settings” or “Invoices” in the mobile app. We also send an email about it for each charge. Once you’ve added a method of payment, your card will automatically be charged at 5pm the day prior to your first visit.

What payment options do you accept?We accept all major cards, Paypal, all major cards, gift cards, and even Zelle!

Do I pay more for a second or third pet?We do not charge for additional pets, but we may ask you to book longer visits to give proper time to for all your pets.

Is there an additional charge on holidays?Yes, and our additional holiday charge is $5-10 per visit depending on your VIP status! You can ask more about this at your Meet & Greet consultation.

How do I tip my dog walkers and pet sitters?There is an invoices tab on our client app portal, but you can tip your walker or pet sitter with cash in your home!

When will I be charged? When is payment due?We charge for your invoice at 5PM prior to the day of your first service.

Do you offer automatic payments?Yes! Automatic payments can be arranged through the client app portal. Super easy for your convenience!

Referral Program

Are there referral bonuses?Yes! We offer $10 for every pet sitting referral and $50 for every dog walking referral. Just make sure that they put your name in the referral section when your friend signs up for their account.

Do you offer frequency discounts or any discounts?We do not offer frequency discounts at this time. However, we do offer discounts and gifts from time to time. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media to catch some deals!

Do you have a loyalty program?We are currently making a VIP Club Program to allow exclusive access to popular midday pet visit times, garaunteed overnight stays, holiday booking, birthday gift offers, and more! Ask your pet pal for more information on our portal.


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